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Our Top 5 Restaurants In Myrtle Beach

30 December 2022

It's that time of year again. Everyone is heading south toward the beaches, and the surf, and the salt water, and of course toward the tiki huts. There is nothing like having some fun in the sun. A change in latitude bringing a change in attitude.  After relaxing all day on the beach or riding around Jet Ski's in Mrtyle Beach there is nothing like capping the day off with a nice lunch or dinner. Your favorite food at your favorite restaurant. Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer in the way of cuisine. Here are our top 5:


1) River City Cafe:
When you need a comfortable, no hassle place to go with the best burgers on the beach, it's River City Cafe. Rustic and fun, there's no better place to get that one of a kind, juicy, run down your chin, always made fresh burger. Never had one? There's no better time than right now, whether you are in North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Socastee, Surfside, or Murrells Inlet, we have a location near you.

2) SOLE' Italian Restaurant:
SOLÉ, expert's in fine dine Italian cuisine. All of our dish's are made fresh from the finest ingredients and are prepared to order. This family owned restaurant will be sure to give you the full dining experience. Whatever you like in Italian Cuisine, you can find it at SOLE'.

3) Pawley's Raw Bar:
This rusty ramschackle of a restaurant features the best deep blue has to offer. With a relaxed family atmosphere serving blue crabs, oysters, shrimp, and scrumptious burgers. A great place to come and wind down from a fun day at the beach. Whether its surf, or turf, you can find it at Pawley's.

4) Simply Southern Smokehouse

When you are hungry for something different, something homemade, something quick and easy, yet like mom used to make…think Simply Southern Smokehouse. Located on Mister Joe White Avenue (10th Ave) in Myrtle Beach. Simply the BEST in BBQ & Country Buffet, nestled on the relaxing tides at Myrtle Beach.

5) Nacho Hippo
The legend of the Hippo: Local legend says the elusive Nacho Hippo (Nachonamus Hippopotamo Maximus) can only be spotted when a true lover of World Class Nachos has given up all hope of ever finding any. Then and only then the hippo may magically appear on a clear moonlit night- trudging through the dunes, ready to help and guide a kindred spirit. If you are one of the lucky ones who sees the Hippo, follow her. She will lead you to Nacho Hippo Cantina Maximo. Hungry for Mexican cuisine? Then come see the Hippo.